Coming Soon! Complete Extravagant Baby Outfits

We are currently working on creating baby outfits that will include a custom ruffled onsie with matching ruffle tights and a matching extravaband! Extra-Diva from head to toe

Custom Matching Is What We Do!

You can drop off your outfit, send a sample fabric in the mail and let us create a completely custom matched extravaband!

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Our Extravagant Collections (By Age)

Newborn  Extravabands

We have a unique newborn band that is super soft and stretchy and will fit ALL newborns and even up to 6 months old! We have several styles that you will love!  Also don’t forget to ask out our newborn modeling package!


Infant Extravabands

Infants love our ultra comfortable band that those who normally won’t leave a headband on will actually leave this one on because of its ultra comfort feel! And of course all our bands are DIVA perfect!

Kids Extravabands

I love when the little girls see themselves in our Extravabands! They instantly look and feel like a movie star princess! And the drama never stops!

Teen Extravabands

Teens love attention and these Extravabands grab attention! Its another way to express their extravagant selves!


Adult  Extravabands

All the dramas not just reserved for the kids! We adults love dramatic hair pieces too!


Custom  Extravabands

We can create custom pieces for weddings, special occasions, sorority sisters, college and nfl color schemed bands, bands to match that “hard to find” color outfit, pageants, dance teams, and cheer leading squads! We can do it all! Contact us for a quote!


Our Extrava-Crochet Line is developing at such a fast rate.. thats its hard to get photo shoots because the keep selling before I can shoot! We do ALL character hats, all hard to create crotchet hats, adults hats and bands.. and also a lot of the photo prop items such as the little boy suspender and bow tie set and more! Check back ofter as we get more pictures of our items!


This is a brand new venture.. we wanted to create full outfits with our extravabands and hats! So we’ve added to our team a tutu designer that is just over the top and fabulous.. working with our Extravaband Team and Crotchet Team is the perfect combination for you to find at one location that picture perfect outfit!